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Here you can read some of the frequently asked questions from brands.

How do I create a campaign?

To start working with the influencers, you need to create a campaign. This should tell influencers about your brand and about the product you’d like to promote. Using our online form, it should take you just a few minutes to fill in your campaign details and post them to our online marketplace. Adding lots of information about your brand and your campaign objectives means that you’ll stand a better chance of attracting lots of proposals from different influencers. Adding a good-quality image to your campaign will also help it to stand out. Our moderation team will look at your campaign and get back to you with any questions within 24 hours. 

How does HypeFactory work for brands?

  1. You sign up as a brand on our homepage
  2. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll see the HypeFactory dashboard. Here, you’ll see the option to create a new campaign. Use this form to give a detailed description of your product and how you want our creators to promote it.
  3. A manager assigned to your campaign will contact you within 24 hours to discuss and approve your campaign details. 
  4. After your campaign has been activated, head to our website and click the ‘Bloggers’ tab. You’ll be able to find different influencers who fit your brand and invite them to take part in your campaign. https://hypefactory.com/brand/index/bloggers/  
  5. Influencers will read your campaign details and begin to send proposals. These proposals will include details of the content they can offer you and how much they wish to be paid. 
  6. You’ll get a notification with each proposal you receive. You’ll be able to chat with different influencers online and ask them questions about their proposals. 
  7. If you like the proposal please press: “Accept and Pay”. The payment will be held until you approve the influencer’s content. 
  8. After you approve the content preview, the influencer will post the content on a certain date agreed beforehand by both parties.
  9. After the content has been posted, you’ll need to wait for 24 hours. Then, if you’re satisfied with the content, approve the post again. If you’re not happy with the content, you’ll be able to notify the HypeFactory team by pressing the “Begin Dispute” button. We’ll check the content and the agreement you made with the influencer and make a decision.

How much does HypeFactory charge?

We charge 10% commission from each transaction.

How will these campaigns benefit my company?

Our influencers will create high-quality, native publications, telling your target audience about your product. The reach and brand awareness these campaigns create easily convert into sales, installs, and coverage.

How can I create an effective campaign?

 If you want to create a great campaign, be sure to consider:

  • How will I measure the success of my campaign?
  • What type of influencers do we want to work with?
  • What type of consumers are we planning to target?

Can I pay influencers with free products or samples?

Our influencers can only accept payment in US Dollars on a per post basis.

What is an average HypeFactory campaign budget? 

The average HypeFactory campaign budget is between $2,000 and $5,000. This budget can be spread among several bloggers. The average price per post is $500

Can I browse influencers before I post my campaign?

Yes. Our site allows you to filter users by platform, country, category, gender, and age in order to help you find the best influencer for your target audience.

How do I pick up the right influencer?

Pick influencers based on your campaign’s criteria and objectives! Our site allows you to filter users by platform, country, category, gender, and age in order to help you find the best influencer for your target audience.

How can I send product samples to influencers?

We don’t insist that brands send a sample to influencers before working with them. If you would like an influencer to try your product before making an ad, you can discuss this with them by using our online chat function.

How do I use the ‘Bloggers’ tab?

You can use the ‘Bloggers’ tab on the HypeFactory dashboard to filter influencers by platform, country, category, gender, and age. This is designed to help you to find the best influencer for your target audience, turning followers into paying customers.

How do I know if an influencer is charging too much?

This is totally subjective.  How you measure the value of a post may come down to the influencer’s own creativity, how well-known they are, the size and engagement of their audience, and how well they fit your brand. If you wish, you can ask influencers to lower their asking price.

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