What is content preview and how to use it

Clear steps allow everyone to understand each other unequivocally. Learn all about content preview approval and why is that so helpful.

According to statistics, more than 87% of disputes between the influencer and the advertiser happen because the post was published without a confirmation. That’s why we have review content approval as the 2d step of the advertising campaign. The advertiser can skip this step if they’re sure the influencer understands their expectations. And we recommend to use that opportunity to make everything transparent. 

After the proposal was accepted and prepaid, the advertiser and the influencer will negotiate about the content. 

1. Depending on which social networks are needed, the influencer should attach a preview.

2. The influencer clicks on “Add Instagram preview” button and uploads the photo with the text they want to post. The influencer shouldn’t publish the post before they get the advertiser’s approval in the proposal chat.

3. The influencer can send as many previews as they need to. 

4. The advertiser waits for a preview. When they finally have a post they like the advertiser can press the “Confirm preview” button.

5. When the content preview was approved by the advertiser, the influencer should publish a post and send a link to the workflow chat. 

We believe this makes your work more transparent and simple. But here are few cases you could face with.

1. The influencer needs to upload a video. Now we support the image previews only. But the advertiser still should approve the whole video! The best option is: the influencer can make a preview post with video splash screen, description and just paste a link with the full video there. The blogger just need to upload this video to one of cloud services (like Dropbox) and generate a link.

2. The advertiser pressed the “Confirm preview” button by accident before they got a preview. Firstly, the advertiser can tell the influencer they’re still waiting for the preview. And then contact the support, we will help to resolve that issue.

3. Published post doesn’t match with the preview. We want to solve this issue the positive way. Ask blogger to correct the publication. However, according to our Terms and Service, if the content differs from the accepted one, the advertiser can start a dispute.


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